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Welcome to my portfolio website, which focuses on certain aspects of my life in the recent past since my travels across Asia, Africa, Latin America and now Canada. It is a reflection of fourteen years of teaching and exhibiting my art, and my change to focus on Instructional Design. Please explore my visual interests in design, art and photography portfolios, and get in touch through social media or email below!

An adventurous ambitious explorer of the world, I previously taught Music and English in Peru, Thailand, China, South Africa and I am originally from Zimbabwe. I have exhibited my art in every country I have lived in, and am constantly on the lookout for new challenges.


Check out some of the creative and corporate work I have completed in my Design page, and get in touch for: marketing materials, business stationery, logo design, illustration, packaging, magazine adverts, posters, product guides, brand guidelines, brand identity, event branding, brochures, social media design, website design and development. Each job is tailored to your needs, so it is difficult to offer a price publically. Please contact me to find out more about the packages and deals available, at competitive rates, which will best suit the purpose that you, the client seeks.

I understand that you’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you want to stand above the rest and show your best to your clients. You’ve got work to do to get there, and you need it done efficiently, with focus and attention and to a quality standard.

Just the same with me! Let me know how I can help you do just that, by getting in touch with what you need and your ideas.



Consistently working to high principles, to complete work to the best of my ability with care and an ethical frame of reference. Accepting projects that feed back into the world with positive action. To get things done the right way, ensuring that this feeds through my work benefiting partners and customers alike.


Creating exciting marketing and visual campaigns that help problem solve issues, give a new perspective or flip an idea on its head. To understand the challenges of a project, and to work with you to reach your goal and maximise your potential, bringing new fresh ideas to the table each time, until the final result pops with your distinctive character.


Ambition is a wonderful driving force, separating people into those who do, and those who watch it being done. A wise person once said to me we have two things we can control in this life, our energy and our attitude. I want my energy and my attitude to be channeled to help change or improve the world, one project at a time.

Recent Work

More details as well as the products for these projects can be found on my Design page.


Avenue Canada

For Avenue Canada I created a logo and business stationary, social media templates and proofread and edited the content on the website.

2016 - 2017

Olive&Bay Co.

Olive&Bay Co. had already a logo they liked, although it needed modifying which was among the services I provided. I also created their brochure and marketing materials, business stationary and templates, packaging materials, social media adverts and was consulted throughout the process of opening the business and launching the various campaigns. The website is based on a Wordpress template, which was customised.


La Clique Vocale

This is my third year working with La Clique Vocale. When they approached me to do the graphic design for their 2017 concert, I was happy to provide them with a wicked poster, social media adverts, tickets, and planning and fundraising documents.


Vivo Cuore

I currently am also working with Vivo Cuore an organisation created to provide life-giving operations to Rwandan children who have congenital heart defects. As the marketing contact, I have created brochures, fund-raising forms and campaigns, stationary and social media campaigns, and will be adding to their portfolio as needs grow.



Please view my work CV here


Please view my Art résumé and exhibition list here


I had been selected by DAM (Diversité Artistique Montréal,) as a contributing artist for the theme of their October 2017 edition of their magazine. I had several interviews and submitted artworks to be included in this piece they have written about me, under the theme of Artists in Exile.

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