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As no stranger to art and design, having worked in art and music education for fourteen years, my skills have been developed through my studies in a private college here in Montreal, and I graduated in 2016. Check out some of the projects I have completed below, separated by brand name, and below these, posters and marketing materials for local businesses, sports organisations and studios that have commissioned work from me. More work to come soon…

Avenue Canada

Avenue Canada is a Montreal-based ICCRC regulated immigration consultant firm who provide Canadian immigration and citizenship services. They provide immigration consultation, file processing and review services for a number of different immigration pathways. I have made use of their services, and consulted with them for immigration advice in the past.

I was asked initially to work on the brand identity and logo design for the firm. This expanded according to their needs and I have produced a number of different media for them, including marketing materials, business stationary, proofreading and editing work, photography and content creation. Finally, I continue to work on social media visuals to ensure they have a consistent in-house visual identity across social media platforms.

Vivo Cuore

Vivo Cuore is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable foundation started in 2014 to help needy Rwandan children born with congenital heart diseases. It was started by my friend Sandrine, herself a Rwandan-born Canadian, as she had been born with a heart condition. She was fortunate enough as a child to be flown to Kenya for the operation that saved her life, and has therefore set up this foundation to give other young Rwandans the chance of hope.

Vivo Cuore's mission is to enable two operations for Rwandan children affected by congenital disease, every year. Sandrine asked me to join the team as the marketing arm of the organisation, and I felt strongly drawn to offer my services, both as a fellow African and to offer my services as a volunteer, to help pay-it-forward. I have redone all brochures, worked on marketing, and created social media campaigns to ensure both the written and visual message of Vivo Cuore reflect the high aims and goals of this foundation. In order to approach the institutions, such as donors here in Canada, and for the care facilities such as hospitals and clinics, in Europe and Africa, I suggested that we update all visual media and brochures. This will continue to expand in the future, with fundraising campaigns, presentations and other work.

I also worked on stationery and forms for the host and foster families for the children during their stay, as well as for the parents of the young Rwandans. The final results will ensure that a consistent professionally polished message given from Vivo Cuore will stand in them in good stead for the future, and that their message stands out, ensuring they can continue to help young people in the future.

La Clique Vocale

La Clique Vocale is a dynamic mixed-voice vocal ensemble that has been going for 9 years, and is based in Montréal. I have worked with them three years in a row, they are a great group of singers and sing a mixed repertoire of music from Renaissance to modern.

For the last concert, I created the poster for the big annual show, three performances over a weekend. The title was “La Folie qui m’accompagne”, or “The madness that accompanies me” and it was a programme that needed to pack a visual punch. I worked on some sketches, but kept coming back to a monochromatic landscape with a group of people. This developed into each person having their own unique identity and the poster idea was born. Judging for the comments I received, the visual reflected the performances given.

With the main idea done, I worked on secondary materials that go with a show; the tickets, and social media. This in turn was turned into marketing materials such as a brochure, with advertising and financing options, the programme for the concertand various other promotional material.

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